Integrating with google drive

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To send the generated pdf to google drive follow these steps

1.- Getting your google drive configuration file

The first step is getting your google drive configuration file, this is the most complex step but if you follow the step-by-step guide below you can get it without issues:

1.- Go to (you will need a google account)

2.- Click on ‘Select a project and then on ‘New Project’

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By default the pdfs designed for each form are automatically attached to all the emails that the form send but in the full version you can configure which emails should have which pdfs.

To configure which emails will have a pdf do the following:

1.-Create an email in the form builder that you are using

WPFormGravity FormsNinja Forms

Go ...

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Adding a pdf download link

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Important: The download link shortcode is only available in the full version

To display a download link in a page you can use this shortcode


Is support these parameters:

Parameter NameDescriptionDefault Value
messageThe link textClick here to download
templateidThe id of the pdf templateThe latest template that was submitted by the user
entryidThe id of the entryThe latest entry that was submitted by the user


[bpdfbuilder_download_link message="Download" templateid="1" entryid="2"]

Using Page Builder for WPForms to show the pdfs in the front end

If ...

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Attach the pdf to an specific email

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If you have many emails configured in your form you can select to which email each pdf template is going to be attached. To do so follow these steps:

1.- Open the template settings

2.- In the field, “Attach pdf to the following emails”, select the emails where the pdf should be attached. If you leave this field empty the pdf will be attached ...

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